Gta v briefcase locations. GTA 5 Hidden Packages Locations (17 Photos)

In This Wiki Guide. The package itself is hidden among the algae and underwater plant growth, so keep your eyes peeled. Dive down and look for a large shipwreck. Each briefcase contains a hefty amount of cash that can be collected many times. Hidden Package 10 Location. Now before you embark on your quest to acquire all the hidden packages, you must keep in mind a thing or two. The case is sitting inside along with a few Submarine parts. Look for a sunken container. Hidden Package 11 Location.

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The last package is the only one on land. Earning money is not an easy job in GTA 5, but if you do not mind some under-sea exploration, then you can get plenty of sweet bucks by finding Hidden Packages. Look for an underwater wreck of a truck, and you should be able to find it in the container.

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Hidden Packages are briefcases with random large amounts of money in them, scattered around the sea floor of the GTA V world. The case is sitting on the ocean floor on the right side of a wrecked steamer ship look for a large circular wheel. Find the wreckage of a steam boat and look under a wooden wheel for the package.

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Release Date: N. There are much spread across the map so you need to follow the instructions very carefully. Hidden Package 7 Location.

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Eleven of the twelve Hidden Packages are located under water, so players will need scuba gear in order to obtain them. This case is located in the middle of the peninsula at Palomino Highlands. The package is near the back, inside a crate. Hidden Package 1 Location. Hidden Package 5 Location. The case is sitting inside along with a few Submarine parts. Look for an underwater wreck of a truck, and you should be able to find it in the container. Look for a sunken container. There are other military vehicles like sunken trucks and Rhino tanks in this area as well, hence you may run into those first.

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Eleven of the twelve Hidden Packages are located under water, so players will need scuba gear in order to obtain them. The package is near the hatch. Game Guides.

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This case contains the second highest amount to collect. This package is located in the eastern part of the map just southeast of the mountain range. Hidden Packages Locations Map. The last package is the only one on land.

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