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Ptolemy's book was translated into Arabic in the 8th and 9th centuries and became famous in Europe as a 12th-century Latin translation. Alpha Piscis Austrini. Many of the Arabic-language star descriptions in the Almagest came to be widely used as names for stars. Modern Rare Archaic. This surname could be used to refer to someone from the city of Algiers, or just a general Algerian person. His death initiated the start of the Tunisian Jasmine Revolution. DIBA Arabic. And Can You Buy One? Arabic Baby Girl Names.

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It also refers to someone from Annaba, Algeria. By using Belly Ballot, you accept our use of cookies. Curve of the River. Pls what is the meaning of rihannaht.

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DOS Arabic. The astronomer Claudius Ptolemy in his Almagest 2nd century tabulated the celestial position and brightness visual magnitude of 1, stars. Muslim astronomers adopted some of these as proper names for stars, and added names from traditional Arabic star lore, which they recorded in various Zij treatises. Ptolemy's book was translated into Arabic in the 8th and 9th centuries and became famous in Europe as a 12th-century Latin translation.

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A notable bearer is Alaaeldin Abouelkassem — , an Egyptian fencer. Beta Persei also known as the Demon Star. You will find below a list of Arab or Muslim names and first names, with the translation of their meaning in English. And Can You Buy One?

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Surnames of Arabic language origin. Lambda Orionis see also Meissa. It is mainly found in Algeria. This is the name of the current ruling royal family of Morocco founded in Reply Pingback: Free Piano Great article thank you for sharing. Tip: use your left and right arrow keys to browse the list. Arabic Baby Girl Names.

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Arabic Baby Girl Names. But the first documentation of Arabs in America can be traced back as early as the midth century, when a man named Wahab bound for New York was shipwrecked on Ocrakoke Island, in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Namespaces Article Talk.

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DOS Arabic. Tania Australis , Tania Borealis. Zeta Draconis Aldhibah , Eta Draconis [formed and combination of 2 stars]. Astronomy in the medieval Islamic world.

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