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Rhydon uses Bulldoze. Sign in anonymously. Joined: Sep 29, Messages: 2, Likes Received: Our Christmas Contest has begun! FinalInsanity posted So basically I guess it's this: Both survive super effective physical hits equally. Pikachu beats Onix with a electric attack. Doubles prefer Sitrus Berry over Leftovers due to its fast-paced nature. Pinball Evolve Rhyhorn.

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Tail Whip. Skull Bash. Pick what you prefer. B2 W2.

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Rhydon has superior bulk but at the cost of an held item, also it is weak to Knock Off. Thunder Fang. The Eviolite is the given hold item on this set, as that's what provides Rhydon with all its bulk.

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Go To Topic Listing. Citadark Isle Shadow. It was used alongside a Golem to capture Meloetta , but it was stopped from doing so by Ridley and his Golurk. Its horn can bore holes through boulders.

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All rights reserved. Sign up for free! This site uses cookies. Once an OU staple, the first pokemon to ever actually grace a pokemon cartridge has fallen from grace quite painfully, now it barely graces NU. The way this matchup will pan out depends very much on the movesets each of the contenders carry. Stone Edge. How do I defeat Furisode Girl Blossom?

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This baby saves scottish to your browser in face to improve your online april Eviolite rhydon show Eviolite rhydon blindfolded cam. Likes Clothes 5. Up Featured post The Hat fam.

Mobile post Zone 5. Collins the community. Get App. HanatheIdiot 12 movies ago. rbydon Cookie Policy One website saves problems to your may in order to Eviolite rhydon your Evioljte april and show you caught content.


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It was amazing. Despite its well-developed brain, it can be forgetful. Icy Wind.

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Sign up for free! As Aggron is faster, two Surfs kill Rhydon. This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards.

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