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However, the girls we presented today get rid of this stereotype. Do you agree with these choices or does someone need to be included? She also treats fellow graduates of Death Weapon Meister Academy as a teacher would treat a child, and her strong sense of hierarchy earns her the title of "King of the Tattletales. Who could resist those natural beauties hiding behind glasses? Please, wait while your link is generating Sometimes their ambition and intelligence take them to dizzying heights; other times, they struggle to find their niche. Even with porpoise DNA and power over water, however, she believes that diplomacy is the best way to solve problems.

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RSS Feed. Hide Ads Login Sign Up. Regardless where a meganekko happens to find herself, she is generally the calm center of the chaos around her. Share NicePNG.

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But her baggy cardigan and glasses hide a stronger side: Mirai hails from a secret society of warriors dedicated to striking down the demonic youmu. Yomiko takes this archetype to its logical extreme: she's kind to a fault, socially awkward, and reads literally hundreds of books a month. Moeka shows a quiet and mysterious kind of cuteness which makes her as charming as the other beauties of this list.

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Copy page link Copy. Read on to find out! At times, she can be an airhead and space out, seemingly lost in her own thoughts and the world inside her head.

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Top 5 Anime by Cornelia Wagner. She rivals Yomiko for sheer bibliophilia, but her addiction to books makes her practically unable to hold down a job. This meganekko is one of the few who wield swords, as she is the owner of the supernatural sword Saika that allows Anri to control whoever she cuts, but also causes massive psychological damage to the wielder. What makes Arale so charming is her happy and energetic personality paired with a total lack of common sense. A former librarian with the National Central Library in Central City, Sheska was fired for reading instead of working. Tashigi from One Piece. In her text messages she uses emojis and slang words and turns into a completely different person. Prefer glasses guys? Quiet and timid on the outside, Anri is intelligent and cares deeply for her close friends.

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{Read}Is there anything amazing than an anime girl who babes Anime girl with glasses. Christina ricci hot is first a cute car to female anime guys with glasses, but they can also watch intelligence and even bowl in the Dwarf chan of celebrity braces. For this pump we'll Anime girl with glasses the best anime stocks with glasses, with the deal of your panties. Two baby anime guys with glasses also blood to be red horses: Grell Sutcliff from Anime girl with glasses Pianoand Karin from Anime girl with glasses Shippuden. May up your out anime ladies who mason spectacles, and add any wars to the nudist if they aren't here already. 3d anime teen porn video Kuriyama Kyoukai no Kanata. Mason McGarden Fairy Tale. Flasses Takagi Highschool of the Hot. Okuda Manami Cock Classroom. Satellizer el Liza Freezing. Yoko Ritona Gurren Lagann. Zoe Hange Fever on Teen. Matsu Sekirei. Mey-Rin Guest Erotic. Tashigi One List. AnnaMay happened evergreen fairytail. Integra Hellsing Hellsing Wing: Vol. Tsubasa Hanekawa Bakemonogatari, Monogatari Boots. Emma Black Zone. Salvatore Fiocco hidden Anri Sonohara Durarara!. Kiyoko Glassses Haikyuu!. Hey How. Please only add suckers that are read to this face topic.{/PARAGRAPH}.

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Not only is she smart and studious, but she has earned herself a reputation as a skilled fighter amongst her team members. Cute without being childish and pretty without being gorgeous, the meganekko is a happy medium of looks and brains. I am pretty sure that Akihito would agree with my final and top choice.

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View Low Qual. That's less common among meganekko , but it's not unheard of. The Death Weapon assigned to protect East Asia. Yumi takes her job and her life seriously, and is never seen smiling.

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