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After long discussions with Jagang about matters to do with the Book of Counted Shadows and the Boxes of Orden, Ulicia and Armina were sent to the tents, as they were so long ago, to be used and abused by Jagang's men, in any way they saw fit, so long as their wounds weren't fatal. Preceded by: Cyrilla Amnell. Following her capture the four Sisters and their captive then set off for the People's Palace in D'Hara. After causing chaos within the enemy camp, Kahlan was successful in killing the armies wizard, Slagle , ensuring that the Order was not aware of the approaching Galean force. As part of his training, and to make sure that Richard wasn't haunted with magic related nightmares, Richard was required to bury Sister Grace alone. Cecilia then argued that they did not do the interior webs, only the exterior. The Sister's dreamt of the power they would be able to unleash upon Jagang, once they had opened a Box of Orden. However, Nass's taunts that Richard was dead at the hands of the Mord-Sith forced her into an ancient state known as the Con Dar. The inn keeper and his wife, Orlan and Emmy , let the women in out of the rain. Kahlan feared doing so because she knew that it would mean the loss of her only friend left in the world.

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Kahlan was also involved in accepting the surrender several nations of the Midlands and in condemning those who chose neutrality in the war against the Order. The Confessors' magic was exceptionally strong in Kahlan; this, along with her great strength and wisdom, resulted in Kahlan becoming the youngest Mother Confessor in history. However, Nass's taunts that Richard was dead at the hands of the Mord-Sith forced her into an ancient state known as the Con Dar. For her spirit!

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Kahlan was wary of Nicci, though she ultimately allowed the sorceress close enough to remove the link between them and heal Richard. Knowing the greater picture is has a price, one he is willing to pay with his life. Eventually, he convinced her to ignore the prophecy and continue to live.

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These spots proved to be gars , led by Gratch , who had survived his earlier troubles. After encountering Richard who eventually led her to his friend, Zedd, the wizard and Mother Confessor worked together to heal Richard, who had been poisoned by a magical thorn. Jillian said that Tovi had her grandfather captured and that she had sent her to guide her Sisters to her.

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Even though she remembered that she was a Confessor; she did not recall anything of her past. At the Palace, Richard surrendered to Jagang's terms, allowing him and his Sisters of the Dark into the palace so they could use the Garden of Life to open the boxes of Orden. They later captured the person; a young girl named Jillian. Personal Quote: I just always wanted to be an actor. Richard explained to everyone that the real key to the magic of Orden was the Sword of Truth. In addition, the soldiers of the Blood of the Fold had taken to killing anything in their sight, whether Sister or Imperial Order soldier. She promptly locked a Rada'Han around his neck, rendering him powerless, and eventually killed him unceremoniously, insisting that he would not become a martyr or have a drawn-out, climactic death. Among these people were the Sisters still loyal to the Light, led by the now Prelate Verna Sauventreen.

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Emmy believed there to be only three, while Orlan believed there to be four. Ulicia and Tovi played at admiring artwork near the entry to the Garden while waiting for Kahlan to return. Richard then put the Sword over each box in turn.

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Armina and two other Sister of the Dark then entered the palace and managed to capture Nicci. Following this, Richard and Kahlan called a gathering of the ancestors' spirits. Preceded by: Cathryn Lumholtz.

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