D2 shattered throne. Part one: the labyrinth (11 Photos)

Kill it to claim your powerful loot, then drop down to the next section. The remaining path forward is long but straightforward. If you take too long killing the Champions, Dul Incaru will summon a crystal at the back of the room that makes them immune. The Wish-Ender quest is the same on all platforms. If you're not into raiding, Shattered Throne is probably the best activity in the game, both for loot and for a good time. The buff these orbs provide is time-limited, so try to kill all three Champions and then grab their orbs at the same time. This will lower Vorgeth's shield, letting you DPS him. Killing the Taken Knights will see them drop an orb, Finite Thought. Pick up the relic and bring it to the Awoken statue at the center of the top level that doesn't have a ball. The Subtle Calamity void energy bow is also great for soloing this encounter.

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There will be a large crystal that spawns behind the wizard that you can shoot to remove their shields. Bungie has previously said it would be delivering fresh new content on the reg, and The Shattered Throne definitely delivers. The tiny arena is really the biggest obstacle here.

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The symbol effectively represents where you need to go next, so head over to where the eagle is and fight off the next Architect. Again, this next section is quite linear so take care of any enemies that spawn and carry on until you encounter the first boss in Eleusinia. Instead, work on the next Wizard and its guards first. The next section is a throwback to the Crota's End raid from the original Destiny.

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Titans can apply Melting Point and go in with Hammer of Sol. Repeat the pattern until he goes down. If the timer runs out, you die, so to remove the buff you can jump on the pedestal in the middle of the room when it glows blue.

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Voyeur x videos. How to Start Shattered Throne Dungeon in Destiny 2

You can only do damage to the boss when you have this buff which is on a timer. That said, you'll always start and end at the lower, middle temple marked by the 'diving bird' symbol. You need to get four stacks of this buff to extinguish a lantern, but if you die, you lose all your stacks. The Shattered Throne entrance is in the back of this room. The Shattered Throne is the closest thing Destiny 2 has to a dungeon. Otherwise, just follow the map and methodically shoot stuff. Turn in your Awoken Talisman and an indicator will pop up saying you have a new mission. Equip something with decent range to clear out the Taken Vandals sniping from above.

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In this guide, we'll go over how to beat each part of the dungeon, with tips that will make the main encounters much easier. Make someone the designated orb wrangler if you feel the need. But what you want to do is follow the path down and the stairs back up. Follow it until you drop down again into an open area.

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The Week 4 Ascendant Challenge is definitely much easier. Destiny 2. You'll come to a large chamber with thin beams criss-crossing it. Aim to kill Vorgeth in the first DPS cycle.

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