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Anonymous : daniel took that picture!!! Going Against Destiny. Adi Gallia. Come join us in chat! Su suggested rejecting the squad, by means of termination, an idea Ti opposed. During the Clone Wars , a galaxy-wide conflict between the Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems , Ti took part in the pivotal battles of Geonosis , Kamino , and Coruscant. Please read the rules and FAQ first! Finn , Rey. The tests yielded nothing, and Tup began acting strangely before Se sedated him. As they attempted to track him down, Ti felt that they were searching in the wrong place.

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They reached out to the Council, asking for support. Back to the Rancors. Agen Kolar.

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Kit Fisto. Need to report an advertisement? SkyriderPlus 13? She gave chase but was unable to catch them before they left in an escape pod.

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Report an ad? Star Wars ? The Chancellor claimed that Fives had tried to assassinate him.

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When the Separatists invaded Onderon and replaced it's king, Ramsis Dendup , with their own, Sanjay Rash , a small group of Dendup's followers rebelled against the new monarch. During the Battle of Kamino, she used telekinesis to lift two Aqua droids and slam them into two other droids hard enough to destroy all four. Prev Index Next. Eeth Koth. Ti was present in the Jedi Archives when Kenobi was researching the planet Kamino. Following the bombing of the Jedi Temple hangar , Ti and the Council met to discuss who the culprit could be. Although she commonly wore a standard Jedi robe, underneath she wore a flowing brown skirt and an intricately designed scarf and tabard, along with a sleeveless brown undershirt accompanied by matching sleeves that stretched from her shoulders to her wrists. Se claimed that the chip had been placed to inhibit aggressive behavior, while Fives pointed out to Ti that the chip's malfunction in Tup had caused him to lose his mind.

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Ti and Master Luminara Unduli ignited their lightsabers simultaneously, and quickly joined the battle. Leia Organa. Eeth Koth. A Separatist fleet soon arrived and engaged the Republic blockade that defended Kamino.

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Ti sat among her fellow masters when Skywalker and Kenobi reported their actions to the council. Need to report an advertisement? Se conducted a hyper test, a practice Ti was not fond of. Princess Celestia: Equestria Girl.

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